Thursday, May 04, 2006

The f1 caravan moves into the Mclaren stronghold....

The F1 caravan moves to the european grand prix. After ferrari delighted their home crowd with an emphatic win, it might be the turn of iceman and his team to delight their homecrowd. Team Mclaren have been subdued to say the least in this F1 calender so far and everyone waits with bated breath for them to explode. And nurburgring might just be the place for the men in black to come back into reckoning. Kimi would be hoping to break the jinx of the ring and finish the race. He DNFed the last two races here from commanding positions from where he could have won. He will be hoping for a win this time around.

Reanult are wary of Mclaren which is obvious from all the chatter from Alonso and Fisi. Alonso might possibly be fighting with kimi this race after he put on a great effort at Imola. However the odds are stacked in his favour and yet again he is the favorite to win this race. He got lucky the last time around and would be hoping for a more convinving win this time. However the fact remains that he starts favorite in all the circuits and different racers might challenge him at different tracks. So it remains to be seen whether Imola was really a ferrari resurgence and if a black resurgence would occur in the ring. Kimi better bring all the good luck charms you have!

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