Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Scuderia are back...with a vengence

Ferrari fired on all cylinders at nurburgring as schumi left alonso panting as he scorched his way to his second consecutive win this season. The plot that was kept wound up until the second round of pit stops unravelled as the renault decided to call in Alonso for his second pit stop. Up until then, things had stood at a delicate deadlock with schumi playing a waiting game matching alonso lap for lap. Throw in your best time, he said, and i'll respond with a better one.

Then Alonso pitted for the second time and schumi exploded. Its been some time for schumi since he could flex his muscles like this. For those decisive three laps that he stayed in the track, schumi showed what a good ferrari can do in his hands and when he emerged out of the pits, he was all set for his second consecutive win.

Yes, Ferrari are back! I am not a big fan of ferrari but it is a wierdly satisfying feeling when the team is at their best. You can hate them and admire them at the same time. I would rather prefer Alonso fighting against a strong schumi rather than win the championship hands down. Already this is a different season for Alonso. It wont be Alonso defending his championship position but he will be fighting for it.

As for renault it was dissapointment. Fisichella once again failed to come close to his team mate. The gulf is too wide for comfort. Agreed, he won a race but then he displays such poor consistency that i feel he might not continue in renault next year. Alonso finished a credible second. There was nothing much he could have done. He has been showing such an amazing consistency that inspite of two blistering wins shcumi has cut the championship gap just by 4 points. Will he ever finish out of the podium this season?

Mclaren dissapointed. Although there was a late charge from kimi, they did not match the performance of the renaults much less the ferraris. At least kimi is finishing races. Montoya was insipid for most of the race until he retired.

And button, he's a joke !

Well, so as barcelona weekend approaches, ferrari seem to be the strongest in performance closely followed by the renaults.Will it be happy homecoming for Alonso? Will the michelins hit back? Lets wait and watch.

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