Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me , Myself and the Essays

I never thought i would be at a loss of words when it comes to writing. Never! until i sat down to write an essay for IIM bangalore. God! Writing about yourself is the hardest thing one would ever have to do.
After a few maddening hours of brain jam and frustration i seek help. I mail my friend pleading for help. The reply was as useless and useful at the same time. In a tone i had reserved for philosophers the reply asked me to make a 'retrospection' of myself. Ha , thank you. Thats simple. Let me see. On a vague assumption that 'retrospection' should mean looking deep into oneself i begin this impossible task of digging into my task and learning myself. Thats the most complicated case study ever thrown up to me.
Ok , who am i? i ask and immediately feel laughter welling up. What the heck? If only everyone knew that. I conclude that i have to lie coz nothing impressive seems to fill my closet.But lying with the ring of truth is the second hardest thing. After a few more hours of staring blankly into space as if hpoing for an archimedis type 'eureka' i give up and go to sleep hoping that a fresh day would reveal who i am.

Monday, February 07, 2005

F1 and the indian connection

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Come this season,the indian F1 fans have more to cheer about. Apart from all the driver trading that is expected to produce unprecendented rivalry , there is going to be an indian presence in the line up. 'Narain Karthikeyan' will be the first indian to enter the high power,high stakes arena of F1 racing. The indian fans have now got more personal connections to the game now and will definitely reflect on the popularity of the game which is already on the rise. For Narain this is the sort of big break he would have been dreaming and hoping for. Like an amateur artist's first hollywood movie he will definitely be nervous. Plus the country he is from. Indian sportsmen have had to deal with this monumental pressure that the home expectations create. He will learn to live with it. Once the season starts drivers would have time only to scuttle around from one race to another and not to worry. Being the sort of good performer he is , i hope narain creates enough flutters in the track for the world to take notice. It neednt even be a podium finish.That is a bonus considering that its is his first time and its a jordan he is driving. All he needs is a few amazing laps in various tracks , a couple of great moves , and few scares for the biggies now and then. Thats sufficient to pit him as a potential superstar. To do all this he needs to put on a mask of aggression. Some would diagree saying that it is his first time and he needes to be more consitantly good rather than shifting between brilliance and midecrity. But i beleive , brilliance at certain points will make heads turn and people are quite forgiving towards medicrity when they have witnessed brillaince.