Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me , Myself and the Essays

I never thought i would be at a loss of words when it comes to writing. Never! until i sat down to write an essay for IIM bangalore. God! Writing about yourself is the hardest thing one would ever have to do.
After a few maddening hours of brain jam and frustration i seek help. I mail my friend pleading for help. The reply was as useless and useful at the same time. In a tone i had reserved for philosophers the reply asked me to make a 'retrospection' of myself. Ha , thank you. Thats simple. Let me see. On a vague assumption that 'retrospection' should mean looking deep into oneself i begin this impossible task of digging into my task and learning myself. Thats the most complicated case study ever thrown up to me.
Ok , who am i? i ask and immediately feel laughter welling up. What the heck? If only everyone knew that. I conclude that i have to lie coz nothing impressive seems to fill my closet.But lying with the ring of truth is the second hardest thing. After a few more hours of staring blankly into space as if hpoing for an archimedis type 'eureka' i give up and go to sleep hoping that a fresh day would reveal who i am.

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Arjun.C.N said...

Dude ...

Do you remember how ARCHEMEDES was when he ran down the streets shouting EUREKA!! EUREKA!!!... Be careful man... there are ladies n babes in the apartment.