Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bring home the BOX

How far will someone go to do something he/she likes?.. Depends on how much he/she likes 'something'. Time to stop being vague and come out with the facts.Well march 5th is just round the corner and when a bunch of crazy F1 fans shack together , the result is an irresistable urge. That is what we call group concensus or what a psychologist might call 'herd attitude'. Ask the lead sheep to plunge into a well and the entire herd follows. Not a very difficult concept to understand especially being an indian (a very controversial statement). However this is slightly different. Its what you can call interest amplification.Have you ever tried holding a number of 'sparklers' together. They glow magnificiently and the heat is intense. It something like that (forget the 'heat' part please). When a bunch of guys intensely interested in F1 desire to watch the show the desire becomes a need , a compulsive need like eating or drinking.

So how far have we gone?. Far enough to shell out 3200 bucks for a stupid 'box' that would bring the deliverance from the 'dull and drab tv'. The box that would open the portal to exciting F1 weekends. It doesnt sound good cribbing on this costly pleasure so lets bring home the BOX and set it on top. Three cheers!

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