Wednesday, March 09, 2005

5 people i hate the most!

well , it had to come. All it took was a horrible case of back biting to make me wonder that there were some people i cant live with in this world. I wont name people here to avoid controversies ( not that a lot of people read this , but just in case). The truth is i then decided that there were some kinds of people with whom i cant bear to remain in the same room much less make a conversation. It was then i started listing the kinds of people i hate. Here is the the descending order of hatred...

#1. Would like to hit them with a road roller ..
Back Biters - the breed that slams you in the gut.

#2. Would like to hit them with a car ..
Patronizers - The fellow who would smile at you thinking "he is so dumb and knows nothing"

#3. Would like to hit them with a bat ..
Hypocrites - You can catch them eating an ice cream while they had vehemently stated that ice creams are evil and they are against it just the day before.

#4. Would like to hit them with a ball ..
Show offs - The ones who beleive that the point that they have what others dont have needs a lot of stressing.

#5. Would atlest like to punch them ..
Opinionated - He will argue that all rabbits have three legs.

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