Wednesday, March 09, 2005

5 people i hate the most!

well , it had to come. All it took was a horrible case of back biting to make me wonder that there were some people i cant live with in this world. I wont name people here to avoid controversies ( not that a lot of people read this , but just in case). The truth is i then decided that there were some kinds of people with whom i cant bear to remain in the same room much less make a conversation. It was then i started listing the kinds of people i hate. Here is the the descending order of hatred...

#1. Would like to hit them with a road roller ..
Back Biters - the breed that slams you in the gut.

#2. Would like to hit them with a car ..
Patronizers - The fellow who would smile at you thinking "he is so dumb and knows nothing"

#3. Would like to hit them with a bat ..
Hypocrites - You can catch them eating an ice cream while they had vehemently stated that ice creams are evil and they are against it just the day before.

#4. Would like to hit them with a ball ..
Show offs - The ones who beleive that the point that they have what others dont have needs a lot of stressing.

#5. Would atlest like to punch them ..
Opinionated - He will argue that all rabbits have three legs.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

2005 F1 : Albert Park : The beggining of a new era?

The renault validated claims of being a serious title contender by placing its drivers on the first and third steps of the podium at Albert Park. An amazing start for a promising team. Agreed ,Fisichella had his dose of good luck on saturday but there is no denying the fact that he is up there in the big league. His race was as smooth and flawless as the contours of his renault. Of course , having the pole position helps but its no mean feat holding back some huge names strapped into some mean machines. He did hold them back and in a composed and professional manner befitting a champion. Having an ultra powerful and extremely reliable renault in his hands helped.

Rewind a few hours to the second qualifying. It was a plesant change from the bizzare saturday timings. however in most cases the damage was done on saturday itself.All this cry about the new qualifying method will subside once everyone gets used to them. Again schumi was at the centre of an anti-climax when after warming up he promptly slid into the pits and didnt participate. He was just being realistic and sane.It would have made any difference to his outrageous 18th position and he wisely saved his tires. The second qualifying wasnt short of surprises. Not the least being the performance of red bull(a surprise) and david coulthard(not much of a surprise). Both the man and the machine proved that they were serious contenders. A long cry from days of the jaguar. Amazingly this season there is very little to seperate the teams. Not at all a good season if you intend to bet on anyone.

With majority of the positions being the same (except narain got pushed back to 12) the race started with a huge anticipation. After all the big guns at the back would want to regain their rightful position as the pack leaders. Coulthard contimued to impress by powering his way at the start into third position which he maintained for much of the race. It a tribute to the driver. However the leader of the pack Fisichella was driving his own race after breaking away from the crowd behind him. In fact during the entire 57 laps he loast the lead position just once to Truilly. Meanwhile in the middle of the convoy a little battle was taking place. Never known to wait around the temperamental spaniard , Alonso was dashing from his thirteenth place when he was blocked by the guily villeneuve. The pressure was maintained consitently by the spaniard but villeneuve was in his elements ; cool and composed. But the weak little sauber coundnt hold the surging power of an alonso driven renault for long. As soon as he broke free , alonso powered on his car and no longer held back.

The local boy Webber had a good outing but would have been dissapointed not to be standing on the podium spraying champagne. After maintaining a potential podium position for a long time in the race he finally had to concede to the twin attack of barrichello's ferrari and alonso's renault.Barichello was his usual self.The gritty brazilian once agin proved that he is an excellent podium finisher with amazing consistency. He is hugely underrated because he is a partner of one of the all time greats. Powering himself from lower down in the grid he showed remarkable consistency and control to finally end up second. There was a little fist fight in the end when alonso driving at number three made a last bid effort to push past barri into the second spot.

The list of the dissapointments is long : button , sato , montoya , heidfeild , ralph schumacher , truilly and of course michael schumacher. Kimi did an admirable job to end up within points after starting from near the bottom of the grid.This despite the usual glitches that seems mclaren's speciality. The mother of all dissapointments was michael schumacher's run whose tryst with wretched luck stretched into the race. All through he seemed a subdued driver however slowly working his way up the ranks putting pressure on kimi. No doubt the master had a plan worked out in his sly mind. It was never executed because heidfield continuing where montoya left off promptly rammed into the champion's rear apparently because of a braking problem effectively putting both of them out of the race. A huge anti climax considering that schumi would have ended up among the points given a full run. He will be waiting for sepang. I still beleive he is the man at the top and will remain so but i honestly dont think we'll be seeing a repeat of his staggering performance last year atleast not until the arrival of his new ferrari.

And watch out for the BARs. Both button and sato never did complete the race. Just before Fisichella rolled past the chequered flag they retired from the race.It was a very cunning decision. They obviously werent within striking distance of any point finish so they immediately focussed on the next race at sepang because this move meant that they would be running at sepang with a new engine while all the others will be using the same engine they used here at albert park.

Sepang here comes the F1 band wagon.....

Saturday, March 05, 2005

2005 F1 : Albert Park : A wet start and A hot beginning.

The wet Albert park that welcomed the racers for the first qualifying on saturday did more than its share of tampering with the positions.Amid cries of dissent for the new format of aggregated qualifying times the 2005 F1 season took off in an intriguing fashion. A reshuffled driver line up , a new team , an indian connection and skiddy cars on wet roads did its part in heralding a season of controversies , promising stars and potential upsets.

It all began with the drizzle that made the prospects gloomy for the beginners. The qualifying order was the reverse of the finishing order at brazil last year and the weaklings started with more than their share of dissadvantage. The two minardis completed laps with less than modest timings. Then came the driver whom the whole of india were backing. Modest hopes alright but it feels awesome to see an indian racing through those amazing circuits. Amid glowing references from the commentators Narain did a good job. His timings were decent and he drove on a wet track.

However the track was drying and the advantage continued to increase. Villeneuve promptly welcomed the season with 360 spin in his warm up. Captain bonkers is back! F1 has its maverick back keep the crowds entertained. Button could have done better (again wet tracks) and Truilly was impressive. However the lucky man was Fisichella of renault whose dame fortune was at its best. Given the best condition to drive he made a good use of the dryish tracks to finish with the best timings.

Here comes the anticlimax. Sauber would have sinned a lot in the past for the treatment they got from the weather man up there. Massa had just started his first run of the season in his car with dry tires when the skies opened up. Caught in the downpour and with his car skidding like an ice skater , he crawled safely to complete his lap glad he didnt ram his car anywhere. Schumi , alerted by the debacle would have switched to wet tyres but the roads were flooded. He still showed how much of a master he is but completing a controlled lap in the worst possible condition (er..second worst...massa got the worst but did it matter ;-) ). All the racers who followed and that included some serious contenders like kimi,barri,alonso,montoya made sure they got the maximum possible from the track that again slowly got better. A day to cheer for indian fans coz this meant that all these guys landed in positions below narain with schumi in 18th place.Can you beleive it!

....hope the season is as insane as this.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bring home the BOX

How far will someone go to do something he/she likes?.. Depends on how much he/she likes 'something'. Time to stop being vague and come out with the facts.Well march 5th is just round the corner and when a bunch of crazy F1 fans shack together , the result is an irresistable urge. That is what we call group concensus or what a psychologist might call 'herd attitude'. Ask the lead sheep to plunge into a well and the entire herd follows. Not a very difficult concept to understand especially being an indian (a very controversial statement). However this is slightly different. Its what you can call interest amplification.Have you ever tried holding a number of 'sparklers' together. They glow magnificiently and the heat is intense. It something like that (forget the 'heat' part please). When a bunch of guys intensely interested in F1 desire to watch the show the desire becomes a need , a compulsive need like eating or drinking.

So how far have we gone?. Far enough to shell out 3200 bucks for a stupid 'box' that would bring the deliverance from the 'dull and drab tv'. The box that would open the portal to exciting F1 weekends. It doesnt sound good cribbing on this costly pleasure so lets bring home the BOX and set it on top. Three cheers!