Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alonso Renault and michelin hit back at spain

So bummed that i missed the race. But couldnt have been that exciting since Alonso literally took off and a win looked more or less secure even after the first ten laps. Renault, alonso and michelin know this track all too well and that was reflected in the huge margin of victory which is a return punch from the trio to schumi,ferrari and bridgestone trio in what is turning out to be a close boxing match this season.

Alonso delighted a sell out home crowd like schumi did a week ago.

Hats off to schumi and ferrari pitting. He managed to secure a second from what was supposedly a better performing renault. Fisi dissapoints. Atleast he ended up in the podium. Great drive from Mass to end up 4th and he is proving his worth at ferrari now. Brilliant drive from kimi. Salutes to iceman for securing the fifth place after an enthralling start. Give him a good car guys, it about time.

We move into mote carlo next where qualifying would take on a greater importance than the race itself. Hope this fight continues for the rest of the season.

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Arjun.C.N said...

Light fueled Renault did the trick. But hang on.. a much conserved Ferrari vs absolutely on the limits Renault at Monaco... we'll see then...