Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chennai bombay and 7-up

This has been sort of an ugly weekend in f1 terms with schumi getting discgraced and all. The race eventually wasnt a very predictable one except for alonso's victory. Webbo drove an awesome race and so did kimi. Ideally these 2 guys should have ended up on the podium. Well, thats huv f1 is. Coulthard will be ecstasic to grab his first podium with red bull. He indeed was the superman this weekend. Moving away from f1, it had been a pretty quiet weekend for me after a hectic last week. Last weekend i was in chennai basking in the sweltering heat. It was nostalgic to catch up with the city and my friends although it is just an year since i left the place. A couple of days later i was in bombay peacefully confining myself in the air conditioned depths of my room in hll's training center. The IT interns had no other job than eat, watch movies and have unlimited free ice creams until evening. HLL took us for bowling in the evening at phoenix with drinks, disc and food. 'twas fun.

My internship seems to be screeching to a halt slowly. We have our final presentations this friday and then its freedom i think. Well, i'm longing for some free time before the unforgiving grind of term 4. I've decided that i'm gonna fight this term. Well, thats what i say before every term. Two months of ineternship and i'm already missing iimb so much. Dunno huv difficult it will be after i pass out.

Meanwhile my new after work entertainment has been cards nowadays and its mega fun. Learnt a new game called 7-up yest and its real fun. I have a suspicion that the presi invented the game himself. May be will make an exclusive post on the rules of the game some time.

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