Monday, April 24, 2006

Imola conjures the same drama...roles reversed

There's something about imola and a shumi-alonso fist fight. I would gladly rate the last ten laps of imola last season as the most exciting segment of that season. This time was no different. It lasted longer, was more intense and had more drama as imola 2006 produced an even better screamer than its 2005 predecessor. This time it was alonso chasing schumi - a mirror image of last season - and this time it went on for more than 20 laps. Alonso stuck behind schumi like his tail for about 20 laps trying his best look for a minor glitch, a small opening that would let him go through. But it was schumi in front and you dont see him screw up chances. The pressure would have been intense but schumi showed no signs of it as he kept his smooth line across the chicanes, driving on the limit but not once faltering.

Alonso faltered at times, trying too hard and braking late, bumping over chicanes in a desperate attempt to overtake schumi. But ultimately schumi was just too good and imola is not an overtaker's paradise. Like last season the 1-2 remained till the end and schumi was jumping in joy. He is back. As for alonso, he stretched his lead further comfortably and would not be too worried about the 2 point loss. He is still the man to beat, simply because he is so damn consistent and fights to the finish. If ferrari's form continues from imola then he has a fight on his hands

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