Friday, November 03, 2006

The most logical story ever told.

1. This is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely hallucination.
2. This is not for people who are inflexible when it comes to time, space and universe.
3. Not for colour blind people.


It was all white.

Am i dreaming?

I look around. Spotless white and no shapes around.

Am i awake?

I look down at where i stand. All white.

What is this place?

It all seamlessly merged into a world of white. It appeared as if i had been thrown bang in the middle of a unpainted canvas. I shifted one leg. It moved. Phew! I could move. I walked forward and then stopped. It didnt matter. I was in a space of whiteness. It seemed to stretch into infinity so there was no point walking. I wasnt going anywhere. I suddenly remember that it was time for my meeting with my boss and look at my watch. It had stopped. Of course, what else did i expect. I was beginning to get increasingly frustrated with my inability to do anything about my situation and decide to shout. My mouth opens but no voice came out. This was when i grew claustrophobic, ironically, in what was apparently an infinite space. I began to panic and started to run. I even didnt know if i was running for there was nothing relative to move with. It was just vast emptiness of white. But i kept running until i no longer could and stood gasping for breath.

The falling

A spot of red?

I walk upto the small spot of red on the floor. God! First colour. It seemed like the painter had let one small drop drip although it was a perfect round indicating that it had been put there intentionally. Not knowing what to do i crouch down and touch it. I was dissapointed when nothing happened. For the next 5 minutes i tried all possible ways of activitating some hidden mechanism that i assumed that the spot controlled. Then i ran again. This time a much shorter distance before i came across a blue dot exactly like the red one. I again ran. But just about 20 steps before the green dot.

I stopped to catch my breath. Ahead of me i could spot another red spot. I walked over to it. This one was bigger than the last one. About the size of my fist; again perfectly round. I was beginning to get tired of this and hungry too. So i sit down next to the red spot tired and hungry. I begin to lazily fiddle around with the red spot trying to dig it using my nails when suddenly it catches fire. But the fire is so beautiful. perfectly shaped like a leaf and unwavering. It looks like a solid leafy yellow projecting upwards from the ground.And i know its fire coz it had burnt my finger when it started. I sit there blowing my finger and wondering where in the world i was.

When the fire stopped the red spot was a black spot. when i place my hand on it i realise it is rather a hole.

Should i risk putting my hand in? What if the fire starts again?

After pondering for a few seconds i quickly thrust my hands inside hoping to meet some end. My hand touches water. What the ! I suddenly realise that the water level is rising and pull my hand out to watch water begin to overflow the hole and flow over the white surface. I scoop up a handfull of water and sip. Its fresh water. Atleast i can quench my thirst. Once i had quenched my thirst i realise that the water level is rising. How was it possible in an infinte space? I begin to run forward again. I see bigger spots flying by me. Soon they are the size of a large elephant. I hope no fire breaks out from these as i run past them. Then i suddenly stop over a blue spot and jump. The entire floor begins to go in. Almost like an elevator. The blue spotted zone drops through a cavern of whiteness and lands me in another white space exactly like the one i had come from. Only again absolutely white and no dots. However there is another person here. It was me.

He who is me

I stand there dumbfounded. He who is me is looking at me in equal shock. He (I) comes to me and touches me and says "You're real?"

I nod and say "So are you..."

It was all white.

"Am i dreaming?" , He says

He looks around. Spotless white and no shapes around.

"Am i awake?", he says

He looks down at where he stands. All white.

"What is this place?", he asks

For me, its like watching a rewound tape of myself all over again. I could see him trying to move his legs in an attempt to move and then walk. He stops realising that there is nothing to move relative to.

"Run", i say hoping to help him. He looks confused. "Where?"

"Run. Run to the blue spot. The big blue spot. If you are thirsty rub the red spot and a fire erupts. Wait for it to finish and then there will be a hole. You will find water inside."

He looks at me like i am mad and then starts running. I see myself fade away into distant whiteness and think what now. So i sit down and think. I had apparently entered a parallel white universe and might be hopefully altering the future by telling myself what to do. As i sit there something weird happens. A large blue spot begins to emerge right under me. I stand up in shock and wonder what its all about. It continues to grow in size, bigger than an elephant, to about the size of a football field. As i stand there i see another figure come running from the oppsite side. It was me!! I had made a full circle. Was it a circle after all ? He (me) comes to me and asks "How did you cross me?"

I smile and say, "Magic!" before jumping on the big blue spot. Nothing happens. I keep jumping and the other me looks at me quizzically. Suddenly i realise something and ask,
"Didnt you drop down that elephant sized blue hole?"
"What blue hole?", he asks, "This is the first colour i am seeing in this fuckin place", he seems positively stressed.

"Ok", i say confused, "Jump when i tell you to. One, two..three", we jumped

The floor dropped and it dropped for a long time through a football field sized cavern. I looked at my watch. What the hell! 3 hours had elapsed since i had been thrown into this world. i thought it didnt work. The seconds hand remained still. Maybe the watch had stopped 3 hours later in this parallel universe. We finally land up in a large green area. I look around and find no sign of the other me. I was just outside my garage - on the lawns. I rise up.


Was it all a dream? I look at my watch and it reads 12:05 PM. I had walked out of my house at 12:08. I had just travelled back in time by 3 seconds? I look at the door of my house. Where did the other guy go? I look around but find no trace of anyone else. I still cant hear any sounds and so i walk into my house. Its so surreal. I cant hear anyone talking. No one seems to be noticing me. I was a ghost and it was deathly silent. I walk into my bed room and stand there slowly losing my mind. Then walked out of the house and stood in the lawns before my garage. I looked at the watch 12:08 PM.

Then it was all white.

I knew what to do. I ran.


Arjun.C.N said...

Stop DRINKING while watching LOST n HEROES. And stop watching too many psychic movies n sitcoms.

Btw... that was just brilliant!!! Rocks.

tachy0n said...

More surreal than logical
Excellent read though

An Analysis of the Blue Hole

The most logical story ever told suggests the blue hole to be a tunnel between the adjacent panes of a multiverse. This analysis shows the fallacy behind this assumption and suggests an alternative that is makes the multiverse a little more sensible. This theory of blue hole can be explained as follows,

The person who falls through the blue hole does not in fact appear on the other end, but rather corrupts the memory of the person on the adjacent multiverse pane so that the second person assumes the memory to be his/her own and acts under that false pretext. The blue hole seems to represent an increase in flux of corruption between the panes as the second person does not undergo the déjà vu effect but maintains that he/she is the same person. This corruption is so very complete that the perspective of the narrator undergoes an entirely imperceptible change from one person to another.

The functions representing these dual versions of the blue hole are included in the Appendix A clearly vindicating the proposed Perspective Blue Hole (PBH) over the closed loopiness of the Tunneling Blue Hole (TBH). An interesting extrapolation of the PBH using the author’s own admission that the third person (referred to as the second person by the author) returns back to the same point, which by Poincare conjunction clearly defines the multiversal pane of the second incidence to be spherical in nature. This could also explain the spread and subsequent increase in water level thereby approaching an explanation towards the red hole phenomenon. Very little is known of the green hole and further investigation might help postulate better correlations with each of these holes and the multiverse itself.

The spheroid conjucture is on thin ice as the authors impression may very well be a result of the WIC syndrome. The WIC syndrome manifests itself on persons with one perfect leg and one defective leg with the perfect leg being the preferred choice of the said person thereby inducing a Walking in Circles (WIC) gait in the affected person. The third person could very well be a victim of WIC. It is to be noted here that the return to the white pane at the end of the author’s treatise is not to be considered for the Poincare conjucture as it only represents a return of perspective to the initial point thereby denoting a virtual sphere of perspective.

In conclusion, the PBH theory throws new light on the blue hole and lays the ground work for a multiversal theory that explains all holes.

Appendix A
A Tunneling Blue Hole TBH() is represented by
TBH(x) = 2, x=1
TBH(x) = 1, x=2

A Perspective Blue Hole PBH() is represented by
PBH(x) = 0, x=1
PBH(x) =-1, x=2

raju said...

@tachyon: tat was awesome...

priya said...

to raju: whoaa!! Fast pace, precise and creative writing, subtle background tension..this is one truly entertaining post! Keep up the good work!

to kandha: awesome scientific review!

Anonymous said...

wow.... nice imagination :)

although like someone's more surreal than logical