Friday, November 03, 2006

The 'Job'

It was to be a cladestine 'job'.
Only 2 people in the world knew about it and they didnt know about each other.
Each guy knew that one another guy was involved but didnt know who.
The stakes were high.
It was about revenge.
Easy to comprehend ; difficult to execute.

Each guy had a part to play.
Alpha thought he was the Executor.
Beta thought he was the decoy.
Only those two knew about the job.

The target was a human. Very high profile. Very secure.
The location was in the heart of the Indian capital.
The time: mid day.

Alpha was an excellent sniper.
Beta was an explosives expert.
Alpha thought beta led the operations wile Beta thought alpha did.

The day came.
Alpha decided where to snipe from. He knew Beta would provide the diversion.They didnt need to talk.
Beta decided how to provide the decoy. A small explosion would do.
Beta rigged the road where the convoy passed through and left.
Alpha set himself up for a snipe.

The explosion occured at 12:03 PM.
Beta had failed. The target was destroyed. That hadnt been the intention.
Alpha waited for the redirected convoy.
It never came.
Alpha knew that Beta had failed.
Alpha decided to abort.

Beta knew he was doomed.
The plan had failed.
Alpha would now be pissed.
He decided to kill himself.

Alpha went back to the 'hole'
He couldnt extract his revenge.
Beta was there waiting for him.
Beta had failed him.
Beta had to be killed.

Beta had a gun. It had one bullet.
Alpha had a gun. It had one bullet.
They aimed.
They shot.
Both hit the targets.
Both fell down dead.

Hours later secret service would find that the ex-prime minister's assasin had commited suicide in a 'hole'.

The man who had set up a bomb.
The man who had then waited atop a building for a convoy that never came.

The man who had had his revenge yet failed to comprehend it.
The man who killed himself.

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priya said...

Cool read! kind of became predictable towards the end though.. with alpha deciding on committing suicide and shooting beta ..