Thursday, November 09, 2006

An Index Into My Mind - recent posts

witnessing a recent spurt of incoherent and imaginative writing....

One conspiracy theory that never fails to thrill me....

November 3 2006

The sweet notes of a distant music surrounded the place. The heavy night sky smelled of an impending rain. Thunder clouds added a complementing bass to the distant music. Lightning provided the fireworks.
A small boy - about 10 years old walked up the steep incline of a grassy knoll. A fragile silhoutte against the residual night light, climbing steadily.......

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one of those stories where you start writing and end up with something u hadnt planned....

It was to be a cladestine 'job'.
Only 2 people in the world knew about it and they didnt know about each other.
Each guy knew that one another guy was involved but didnt know who.
The stakes were high.
It was about revenge.....

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Ah...a truly white canvas to paint a story on...

It was all white.

Am i dreaming?

I look around. Spotless white and no shapes around.

Am i awake?

I look down at where i stand. All white.

What is this place?

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