Friday, January 23, 2009

2015 AD: The un-poem

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Its they who have won,
that mighty Euro, they 
fell them, their 
blood spilled, dust

Its they who have won,
from the west to
the near east from
northern trip to

Its they who have won,
but civilizations have died,
freedom suffocated,
culture denied,

Its they who have won,
all but the final battle,
one city resists,
them maniacs,

Its they who have won,
those religious fanatics,
the souless terrorists,
the jihadis,

Its they who have won, 
who were just animals,
who spread across,
like infection,

Its they who have won,
except one final battle,
as humanity watches 
nervously, the nightmare

thinking about it now...

this will probably be more well recived in a radiohead'esque rendition...i am almost imagine yorke crooning the lines...

satan is passe....jihadis are in...


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I was here.