Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tales from the black hole - part 1

The man who stole the smiles.....

We are trying out a new routine at the office these days. We start our days at 8 and end them at 7.Working lunch. Quick coffee breaks.  The works. 

Why? So we can have a life in the evening. Stop the 'Burning out' from happening. Have a healthy life style. Do other things like spend time with girl friends, babies, dogs, cats...fish?. So we can grow to become strong consultants with multi-faceted capabilities!


Until now, you may not have truly understood the irony in all this. I am sure you couldn’t appreciate the sardonic humor of our daily office existence either. Fortunately for you, it is my fault. It is in my inability to construct coherent tales - relevant context at the start,  an intrigue to start things off and the unraveling in the end - wherein lies the genesis of your ignorance. 

To begin to understand the joke you would have to be introduced to an additional variable. Another parameter that makes this a np hard problem. The villain of this piece. 

So, let me continue with the beginning; From the start this time.

Think of it like an old western. It isn’t really that hard to picture the office as a barren desert. In one corner is an old saloon - a favorite haunt. The locals called it Madonna. The origins of the name no one knew. But legends did float abound. Those stories are for another day. In Madonna, there is laughter and bonhomie. At this point i would request you to be just a wee bit imaginative and make up a nice little guitar riff for the background - probably a melancholic tune. Maybe some old man singing of roads not taken or the general idea thereabouts. Now the music shifts. Slowly. The strumming gets deeper. Faster. Maybe a little menacing. 

Conversations cease.

The doors separate. There he stands. The most feared bad-ass of our lands. The man whose infamy preceded him. No one even knew his real name. He was known by a two-letter abbreviation made of the letter D. A common story was that he stole people's smiles and that the two letters indicated that. He did seem to have stolen the smiles around the room as he stands with his hands on his holster..err...pockets. 

His strength and armory is intimidating. A small paunch punctuates his muscular frame. His eyes are armed with glasses that don’t miss a single little detail. Above all, his

Vocabulary had the toxicity to deafen his enemies. His mouth worked like a greedy gold digger of the gold rush days.  

Fool's gold, maybe. But the real question was -  who is the fool?  

to be continued... 

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good stuff man !