Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shameful exhibition of dissent!!!

The kolkatta match was a disgrace if anything. Indians batted woefully on an alien pitch, surrounded by an alien crowd and pegged back by some classy bowling by pollock. Kolkatta did its reputation no good by booing the indians and hoarsely crying for the south africans. Is it a part of this country? Did they realise that it was the indians that were playing? What if andhra started booing for laxman like this. Ever state will have some reasons to boo thanks to our selectors. But axing ganguly was perhaps the sanest decision they had ever taken. There can be no better way to disgrace our country in front of a visiting team. A shameful day not only for Indian cricket but for the nation itself.

Indians approach mumbai with uncertainty. Surely, they must be a shaken lot after the kolkatta debacle not just from the result on the field but the antagonism off it. That a city was ready to forget the country for the sake of an individual who for all logical purposes didnt deserve a place in the team is shameful. Mumbai was a watershed for the indians in the australian series and they would be hoping to come back in a similar fashion against the south africans. The south africans for their part have launched into the mind games without mercy. Boucher's remarks on ganguly is a blatant exhibition of an attempt to throw the indians into a disarray. Hopefully the indians come back strongly after this. It will reflect the character of the team.

And ironically, these are excatly the times when i miss sourav ganguly. One can be darned sure he would have thrown in a piece of his mind for these psychological banters. ;))

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