Sunday, November 27, 2005

Iimb diary: A weekend with nothing to do!

Had a fun weekend for a change. I had been on a virtual vacation ever since the summer placements ended. This weekend marked a culmination of sorts. Went out to dinner on friday evening at a nearby restaurant called 'adigas'. The food was good. I would like to say 'great' but i am still not sure if it was the good old einstenian relativity that made it taste so good compared to the iimb mess. A couple of dosas,a bhel and a nice hot cofee were the perfect ingredients to make me feel contented. It also gave a bout of nostalgia and i started missing my chennai life again. Somehow food makes me think of chennai. Just cannot wait to start working again. Feeling to active to sleep off i started watching 'Before sunrise'. It turned out to be the perfect lullaby and dozed off half-way through.

Woke up at around ten on saturday to grey skies. Bangalore is land of eternal coldness and darkness. Only the other day we were having this big debate on which is better: the man killing heat of chennai that kept u active or this shrouding, lethargic darkness of bangalore and i decided to settle for the perfection of Coimbatore. Well, i trudged off to the mess for some parathas. With the breakfast done, what next was the question. Strangely i have never had a situation like this in iimb. There always was something next. Somewhere in the back of my mind a voice wanted me to start studying but i just couldnt amplify it. By the time i had walked back to my room i began to feel very drowsy and promptly slept again at eleven thirty and had to be awoken by the shrill ring of g-talk. My friend was calling me for lunch at the mess. It was near one-thirty. After lunch, i settled comfortably before a movie and spent the rest of the time regaining my expertise in nfs5. Somehow i always sucked at nfs5. I still dont know the reason for that. Maybe its the handling. Spent the evening again playing games, chatting with the guys in the block and watching 'joey' for some time.

Went to the forum for dinner with joe and vengi, two of my classmates. I didnt realise how much i hated crowds until i had to stand at the pizza corner in transit for about 20 minutes just to place an order. Pizzas, cokes and subs can never match the beautiful taste of ghee dosa with sambhar and chutney. Strolled around the forum for sometime and then came back. Again a movie in vengi room with some vodka. And finally off to sleep at about 2.

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