Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hurricane Dhoni keeps the indian ball rolling

Indians have discovered the power pill. Its been quite some time since they had their last one. I guess it was in the last world cup. They were unstoppable then. Batting and bowling clicked quite beautifully except for the two occassions when they met real class - the aussies. The loss in the finals was a dissapointing let down. Coming back to now, Indians are on a similar roll. Dravid's gods of fortune are smiling rather benevolently on him much to the anxiety of the prince from the east of this country. Ganguly's heart must be sinking deeper into the pool of murkiness with each win. He is getting erased from the equation slowly but surely.

After three win - resounding ones at that - Indians look invincible. Sri lankans must be shaken. After complete drubbing in the first two matches they looked to come back in the third one and their batting clicked. Sangakarra, a class act, showed how well he can play. He is among the top in terms of style and poise at the crease. His essay would have been a spectacular one had it not been for the indian team's shaktimaan. In sport - like iimb - everything is relative. Its cruel but thats how life is. Sangakarra's essay was an amazing one, one of the top one day knocks. But the papers next day had very little of it. Enter Dhoni. If Sangakaara's innings was like a sweet breeze, Dhoni's was a hurricane. He came and incinerated the srilankans. There was nothing clinical about it. He came and tore them apart, like a hungry predator, thats feasts on a helpless prey. Everything was massive. With nearly half a dozen sixes and some serious smacks he threw srilanka out of the match and possibily the series too. On the way to a magnificient 183 he brushed aside a couple of records not the least being the highest score ever by a wicket keeper. At last, have the indians found a real keeper?. We'll have to see more but Dhoni is going to give the opposition jitters. He plays in the hyperzone!

Where do the srilankans go from here. Indians look unstoppable. They have got a momentum like an avalanche. Attapattu is now staring at a serious white wash scenario. I dont think however the lions will lie back and take it. They are ranked second for a reason. Although my opinion on the rankings range somewhere between useless to arrbit, it may have some significance. After all, it ranks the aussies at the top as it should! Srilankans will fight back but it would be very difficult if not impossible for them to save the series from here.Indians on the other hand will look to win it as comprehensively as they can. This series will be a big boost for dravid and greg - kind of a successful first real test. And momentum always helps looking forward.

So my dear dada, i think i might keep a farewell blog ready for you. What a character. Whatever said and done, he helped transform the indian team into a great unit and is one of the best indian captains. But you see sometimes even the best fade out ( premature to cite schumi here ;). After all, dada have given a lot for indian cricket and needs a proper farewell.


Arjun.C.N said...

Premature??? i'll kick your ass if you say anything!!!! i wouldnt mind flying down to blr for that sole purpose!!!

raju said...

he he ;)