Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kimi's tryst with horrendous luck continues....

The championship race is finished for kimi. The mathematical chance that he might still make it is ridiculous. At the risk of shooting off my mouth let me hail the new king of F1 : Fernando Alonso. I cant hold back the desire to say 'i told you so'. Alonso every bit deserves this crown but let me reserve this when he actually wins the championship.

Now if ever there was a saga of persistent bad luck, it is kimi's tryst with faulty Mclaren. Every time he plays catch up , something gives. I am no longer sure if Mclaren is the one to blame. Interestingly , kimi's team mate Montoya doesnt seem to have so many problems but his car is also not as fast as kimi's. There could be several explanations. One is , in their urge to push kimi to the top Mclaren is tweaking the car for maximum performance thereby compromising on reliablity. The other is , kimi just doesnt know how to manage his car. He may cut corners at amazing speeds and push the limits but may not be looking after his machine. Whatever it is enough words have been wasted trying to understand this wierd kimi-Mclaren phenomenon that it is no longer worthwhile to pursue.

Sport is cruel. And Schumi is discovering it the hard way. A massive icon of f1 seems to be fading right before our eyes. A lot of schumi's die hard fans have stopped watching f1 but a lot more f1 fans are coming back. My friend has started watching it after a 2 year break now that the stalemate at the top has ended. But one can help but feel sorry for this man. He might be retiring on a low and no sports man would ever want that.

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