Monday, July 11, 2005

A vindication for Montoya ; Alonso stretches lead

Keep ur cool , Ice-man
Not that he needs to be said that!The Ice man - who stormed to a third place finish from the back of the grid - must be one very frustrated and let down soul. Who wouldn't be? McLaren are essentially nullyfying the fruits of a spectacular car that they posess by consistently throwing up these 'problems'. Kimi deserves more. Kimi deserves to stay at the top of the grid and it is McLaren's prerogative to do that. But then , F1 is beautiful for these little ironies and unpredictablity. McLaren don't have the best car on the circuit. To rephrase , they have the fastest car but not the most reliable. It takes two to tango.

1 - 2
Now Montoya was able to exploit the sheer power at his disposal to take a deserving win. Alonso wasn't far behind , putting pressure and trying to take little opportunities that came. He would be happy with the result , of course. He would be happy as long as kimi stays behind him. Compared to last year , Alonso is a changed man. He seems more sensible , more tactical and strategic compared to the fiery hot head that he was last year. He seems to understand his limitations and strenghts better. Of course , when you have a good car everything seems rosy.

A Class apart
Silverstone threw up the picture of how F1 is this season. A McLaren - Renault top four just showed that they were a class apart as jenson put it at the end of the race. However the surprising factor was that the Renaults who were supposed to be subdued here , were nearly up there with the McLarens although kimi's last lap showed how fast the black beasts could actually go.

The man who faded away
Fisichella was either clumsy or unlucky. He had a potential podium finish until he stalled in one of the pit stops letting kimi go ahead. Thats the second time in two weekends. Amidst kimi's blitzkreig his sublime drive got overshadowed. Starting sixth he did a good job. In fact he set the third fastest time during the race faster than his team mate.

And Jenson. Must be a dissapointment but it was the best he could do. Hope he keeps doing this.

And the reds....Shumi aptly put it after the race "We are going backwards". Again Barry ; a botched up pit stop strategy put him behind schumi. Was that intentional or poor strategy? Poor Strategy? Ferrari?..Nah...Lets brew this controversy some time later. They already have enough problems to worry about.

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