Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trust the reds not to fall in line


Agreed Michellin screwed up big time but come to moments before the race. We needed a race , for the sake of f1. We needed a chicane for the sake of safety.

Nine teams agree on a way forward and the one team that spoils it all is…yes, Ferrari. They’re not to blame for the debacle, but they are to blame for the compromise solution not going through. A chicane could spoil their victory? And as a result they come away from the race with 18 points. Jean Todt was grinning on the grid and you know why.

The team feel no shame at testing more than all the others so the other teams won't have been surprised.

It’s odd, too, that for the first time we get to hear Ferrari’s pit radio. Why don’t we hear it in the other races – the Championship leaders, Renault, made theirs available in Canada, a really crucial race for them.

Finally, even when there are just two cars at the front, they won’t let their cars race to the line. Rubens and Michael could have had a humdinger over the last 15 laps but it was 2002 all over again. Fall in line

So how come Michael Schumacher was allowed to challenge Rubens on the last.lap of the Monaco Grand Prix?

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Arjun.C.N said...

FYI... The chicane plan was refused by the FIA and not because Ferrari refused to go with it. Ferrari refused to sign the letter which was written by the Michelin Runners to FIA to install a chicane in turn 13, for which Jordan and Minardi had signed.

Allowing the pit to car radio on TV is on sole discreiton of the teams.Ferrari did not want to do that and its their wish to do or not to.Team orders are still there. Thats the contract Rubens signed with the team and he complies by it.

If you blame Ferrari for putting Rubeno out every time, what do you say for THE BAD LUCK MAGNET of RENAULT.. Mr.Fisicella??? He won once. Was in pole twice.. led from start twice... but never finished.. He wasnt given a reliable car. Briatore has openly said that 'My Protege is Alonso. Fisi can stay or go race somewhere else. i dont care!!' Thats something worse than Team orders!!!