Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Corner 13 - Ralph crashes and so did Formula 1

The chaos , discontent and the rot that lies at the core of f1 was displayed for public view at Indianapolis as schocked fans watched a 6 car farce take place. For a sport that prides itself in its milli second accuracy and efficiency , it was a black day. Michelin were responsible for the fiasco that was dutifully propogated by everyone else. The worry frowns began as early as in friday when Ralph crashed at corner 13 - where else - prompting questions about tyre wear. When Zonta spun later , the question of safety arose. Unfortunately for Michellin , they could'nt find the reason for tyre wear - a suspicious claim.

Prompted by fears of driver safety , Michellin made unreasonable demands like putting a chicane at corner 13 or letting them use the barca spec tyres against the rules. When FIA refused , as expected , Michellin asked the teams not to race. The teams agreed. As coulthard pointed out it is a shame that the beareaucrats and the directors couldnt sit together and come to a consensus. It reveals the discontent that has been brewing for quite some time in F1 and has taken the world a step closer to the rival championship series that major teams are threatening to run.

Whatever the reasons , the truth was that irate fans had to watch a 6 car non-race that proceeded to the only climax possible , a ferrari 1-2. Amid boos and water bottle missiles Michael schumacher claimed his first victory of the season, however farcical it may be.The 2005 championship has been thrown wide open now with Alonso under more and more threat. All said and done , the fact the nine teams out of ten with the only exception of ferrari agreed for the chicane highlights the proxy war thats been going on for sometime ; the ferrari against the others. There are no losers in this except the sport itself.

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