Sunday, September 25, 2005

Awaiting the brazilian carnage!

The brazilian grand prix has started off on a furtuitious note for Alonso. The pole is where he would have liked to start in his quest for his world championship title. The renaults were very competitive and a surprising error by kimi ensured that alonso got what he wanted. All he needs to do is to keep a level head for the rest of the race ; something that looks very much on the cards given the matured way alonso has been driving this season. It would all boil down to the first corner where a carnage could be expected. With juan having the whole crowd behind him, alonso needs to be wary of any corner mishaps. But he is relatively safe compared to the crowded segment behind him. With kimi , fisi , montoya and button crowding at the first corner, it is gonna be one hell of a start. Kimi would still possibly win this race but i believe that the renaults with new aero and changes are extremely competitive here; on par with the McLaren. It would only be a fitting way to win the chamionship if we some some fist fight between alonso and kimi on the track.

Hail Alonso!


Arjun.C.N said...

So u had ur luck!!!So did Alonso this yr. As i told u before, he wont survive on a long run. jus wait till my time arrives.

And u cant claim that Kimi doesnt look after his machine!! he drove and almost completed a race with a broken wishbone that was rattling his bones throughout the lap! He knows more than Alonso (who has this nick name FIERY SPANIARD for his non-professional driving style)about looking after his machine!!!

The real way to compare both of them is to put them both in similar machines and Kimi would come ahead for sure.Yeah mclaren was faulty but it was a better car altogether.

Renault had reliability but not always.Alonso was asked slow down and cool off and PROTECT his car. Juan n Kimi had to do that too but Kimi had more than a bit of badluck to encounter problems quite often.

Come on.. u cant blame Kimi if a stupid Engineer forgot to re-fasten a pressure valve!!!

Alonso is the 2005 champion... so things are over... but when u compare teh stats bw the 2, they match equally except for the no of finishes.

If kimi had the Mclaren in top condition, he would have closed the gap for sure. And Juan is another as*hole.He went out on the last lap 3 times not allowing Kimi to close the gap. And he too had engine problems and was penalised twice.

bottomline is.. mclaren had a better car... sans the reliability of Renault. Renault had all the luck along with Reliability n BHP to help out Alonso.

Anyways...Ferrari is my fav always. They win r lose doesnt matter. They are gonna haunt the teams in 2006... thats my gut feeling.Atleast MS will.

And looks like talks are already underway bw Kimi n Ferrari for a 2007 drive.the 5 yr contract is a whopping 197 million!!!

Let wait n watch!!

raju said...

agreed...alonso had his share of luck...but i believe he is no longer that fiery hot head he used to be...i know that its easy to remain calm and composed when u r winning but i definitely see a huge change in alonso from last year.

Hey and for saying who the better driver is putting them in the same car and letting them go will give us an idea but until that happens one can never be sure. You will claim that kimi will beat the 'king' and i'll claim otherwise but until it actually happens one can never be sure.

"If kimi had Mclaren in top"....all sports are full of ifs. If ferrari had come good this year, if schumi had continued his reign , if renaults had remained the underdogs ( which they kinda still are) so that is not a very convincing argument. I agree that mclaren will rue their missed chances but thats how the sport goes.

As for your bottomline - "mclaren had a better car sans reliability" doesnt it seem like mclaren are always running on a chance, trying to squeeze the maximum out of their car hoping that it will hold up. They may give sporadic impressive performances but does not hold good consistently. Its like sports men working on drugs.

Anyway i have always maintained that kimi and alonso are equally talented men and dont rate one higher than the other and so i dont understand ur anguish. Agreed , i like alonso better but that doesnt make kimi any less talented than him. So if kimi wins the next season , so be it and i will still continue to support alonso. Its something like the fetish u have for ferrari. ;))

Arjun.C.N said...

wow... thats a nice return.. i was looking to pick up an argument with you... u know its good... v used to have it for no reason at home..

agreed... to all except for one.. i dont think Mclaren were trying to keep the car at the max performance all the time... they were doing it at an optimum level as others in the grid... they would never risk the penalty for sure...

I still maintain that Kimi is better off than Alonso cos he is more composed.. yeah there is some change in Alonso now... but on a long run he wont keep quiet... thats for sure..

anyways... dintwork yest... so gotta catch up... Later... Peace!!!