Friday, January 07, 2005


Sleep is the greatest sin of mankind. Apologies for plagiarising myself from my much touted "Sleep ballad" - just kidding! But i just keep coming back to it. The train of thought process to follow has been provoked by certain early morning incidents that have been taking place in my apartment where one pour soul's fight against sleep to work out in the gym is fruitless.

Sleep is a pure unadulterated pleasure that - just as any other pleasure - can get rather addictive. I beleive 90% of the people in the world are addicted to it one way or the other. You know it when it happens , the addiction. When your alarm screams in agony to wake you up and you grudgingly slam it shut and fall deeper into your sheets you know that you are an addict. Sleep addict. Do we have any term for that? I dont know ; but how about 'Somnophile'. So what are the characteristics of a typical somnophile or more realistically: are you a somnophile? Just answer the following questions....

1. Do you consider the early morning alarm your worst nemesis?
2. When some one wakes you up in the morning do you come up with innovative excuses to not wake up?
3. Do you think (during waking hours) about the pleasure of going to sleep?

...the questions can go on but if your answer had been 'yes' to the ones above you are a certified 'Somnophile'. No! dont panic , its not like 'you are on a high' , its worser!

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Anonymous said...

somnophile is a term used for someone that gets sexual gratification from caressing someone in their sleep. Just thought you might want to know.