Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Federrer phenomenon

The latest package from switzerland is not a magnificient watch or a delicious chocolate but an equally handsome piece of sportsman.Like all the swiss creations , there is attention to detail and the richness that makes you utter the term 'the best' without a trace of doubt.. I write this just following the trouncing of a once great champion Agassi by this swiss masterpiece.Accept it or not , the new phenomenon is here to rule the tennis world and it is Roger Federer.

Once in a while each sport produces great acheivers and even rarely great artisans. So statistically a champion who is also a great artist is a event with such low probablitites that when you see one ,you know that you are blessed to born in the same era. Federrer is the master artist who is going to repaint the tennis landscape.People compare him with sampras.Well no offence but sampras is a step behind federrer.The elegance , the gait , the technique and the 'wow' factor are all a pint higher in Federrer's game than that of sampras's.

Talking of artistry , the name the pops to my mind is that of Laxman's. That is an example of a cricketer who has brought the fineness of art to a game but by all measures laxman is not and never will be a great champion. But Federrer is both ; and that is why i call him the phenomenon. Having just breezed past Agassi Federrer is undoubtedly the man to win. even if he doesnt win the australian open the fact remains......The new connoisseur is here so salute and admire his creations.

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