Monday, September 03, 2007

Man on the street - One liners...

Credits: Nike, Me & Sr. Analyst

  1. Have you ever needed an angel investor?

Of course, To save my “broke”n soul

  1. Have you ever needed a vulture capitalist?

Yup, because I didn’t payback my angel investor

  1. What is the BSOD? What is your most terrifying BSOD moment?

Big Screwup On Deck. Any BSOD is terrifying

  1. What is WiMAX and why would you need it?

It is the answer to nothing but the question itself...

  1. Complete the following sentence: “The last time I visited Sand Hill Road, I was looking for…..”

A way to get some gold

So that it won’t get sold

And keep it away from the banker’s hold

Am I being a bit too bold??

  1. Have you ever “autogoogled”? Did you enjoy the experience and would you do it again?

Yes. I tried the last time I had amnesia. I didn’t enjoy the experience because I couldn’t remember my name to google it.

  1. What does V-O-I-P stand for?

Value Of Intensive Procrastination

Very Obtuse and Insipid Person. More commonly used form is VP

  1. Who or what is Orkut (or Friendster)?

Friendster is a friendly rooster?

Orkut is german for friendly rooster?

  1. Have you bought or would you buy a Roomba? How has it /could it be useful to you?

Roomba is “A BROOM” which is twisted. It’s totally useless.

  1. Have you bought or would you buy a Slingbox? How has it /could it be useful to you?

No. The sling I bought came wrapped

  1. What would you be doing when you are contributing to the blogosphere?

Deleting my blogger profile.

  1. Would you rather frag or be fragged? Either way what the heck would be going on?

Freakingly Rich And Getting-it or Freakingly Rich And GettinG-it Every Day. I would obviously be FRAGGED. If you still cant get it……

  1. What is ogg vorbis and where would you likely encounter one?

An OGG (Owl’s eGG) that is in VORBIS (attained terminal Velocity and is ORBiting the earth Iso-Syncronously)


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Seethalai Sathanar said...

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