Saturday, October 07, 2006

A miracle and a german between alonso and WDC 06...

Michael schumacher dealt the first punch in the suzuka boxing match. Aided by great bridgestone tires and a near perfect ferrari he drove like a man possesed setting record time in session two. Although his team mate managed to steal pole, he must be satisfied that he is one step closer to the 2006 world championship than alonso. Schumi looks set for a victory and Alonso looks set for the drive of his life if he is to have any chance of even come within touching distance. He will start from a modest 5th place behind the toyotas in a race position that looks like a team march. Ferrari 1-2, Toyota 3-4, Renault 5-6 and Honda 7-8.

Frankly, it will take a miracle if Alonso is to win this one or sheer bad luck for schumi like alonso had in china. As far as predictions go, Alonso will almost definitely end up on the podium in 2 or 3 along with the two ferraris. That would also mean that he would almost nearly be out of the championship unless schumi screws up in brazil. But Brazil is always wet and so anything could happen.

I dont see alonso overtaking schumi on track except for maybe at the start. Renault always have great starts and so if he can somehow trick his way into 2 then we've got one hell of a game on our hands. Even if he ends up in 3 it should be a race with no holds barred. Schumi and alonso are not exactly chums and when the stakes are as huge as this we can well see some daring moves. It all depends on the first 5 - 10 seconds. I just hope alonso moves to 3 and then it should be a thriller!!

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