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(Excerpts from the seminal work of Raju at the Spirited Sociology Conference, 2006 @ Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

"I am so happy to make such a big contribution. As the model gets accepted more and more I am sure my name will go down in history as the person who initiated it" - Mr. Vengat K

"The thing I like about it is its quick and efficient. I am able to leverage my capabilities better” - Mr. Nathan

"The model simply rocks. I don’t know what I was doing so long without it”, Mr. Raju

This article discusses about the new revolutionary Khare model that is sweeping IIMB like a storm. Throughout the article instances of usage of the model by the core group at IIMB has been provided to give a more practical insight.


The khare model is a recently evolved concept and is rapidly catching the attention of quite a few people. Pioneered by Mr. Vengat Krishnaraj , an investment banker from IIMB the model is being tweaked and perfected by a core group of three at IIMB. The model is so named after a PGP2 called Gaurav Khare in iimb, a spirited individual whose modes of preparing for the exams were legendary. Soon after he joined IIMB in mid 2005, Mr. Vengat observed the high levels of efficiency, innovation and success that Mr. Khare's practice was giving him and so decided to replicate it. He then standardized the framework and created what came to be known as the 'Khare model'. The core group was established a couple of months later to implement it and show the viability. Now the core group is beginning to see the implications of the model for B-Schools all around India.


The Khare model basically takes basic concepts from sociology, psychology and biology to create a framework for individuals to reach a higher plane aided by the intoxication of spirits. The model tries to provide a standardized platform for individuals to excel, bust their stress and solve problems while having a ball of a time.


The most touted benefit of adopting the 'khare' model is the flexibility of implementation. Individuals can choose to implement in a thousand different ways customizing it their needs and preferences. However for gaining the maximum benefits we recommend the following approach to implementation,

Step 1: Choose the right time for implementation
Individuals frequently blindly jump into implementing it and end up being worse off. The worst that can happen is a bad hangover and a bad day but don’t forget the huge opportunity missed. We recommend Fridays or Saturdays or both if you are really into it. Choose any time after 11 for that is when the implementation can proceed smoothly without disruptions.

Step 2: Stock the right amount of supplies
Many a time individuals rush into implementation without taking enough care to stock the right amount of supplies needed for it and end up getting stranded mid way. This is not the right way to proceed. Just-in-time supplies may be fine but make sure you get them just in time.

Step 3: Create the right organizational structure
The model thrives when it is compatible with the organizational structure. We would recommend an organic type of structure with things strewn about and chaotic. The core group found that this results in the maximum satisfaction for the stake holders.

Step 4: Choose the right implementation style
The core group has identified five different implementation styles for the model. However organizations can structure it and customize it in thousands of different ways.
a. Minimal (Short and mild)
b. Case Approach (medium and moderated - ideal for problem solving)
c. Reckless Approach (unlimited and can turn dangerous but gives maximum satisfaction)
d. Desperation (Also called the last few drops approach - when resources are scarce)
e. Fun approach (some where between reckless and case - goes best with a movie or any other entertainment)


There are countless tools available for implementation. The core group continues to implement it on the "Vodka" platform. However any other spirit is equally acceptable. However the core group found that several pretend tools are beginning to proliferate the market. In fact during the last implementation, Mr. Nathan was severely criticized for buying a "Breezer" which was near useless for implementing the model. The core group in fact is seriously considering expelling Mr. Nathan for apart from several foolish decisions, he has been accused of placing his own benefits above that of the group. Only time will tell.
There are some instances when a variety of tools will make the implementation more enjoyable. This is essentially true when the implementation is sponsored by a third party. In fact, Mr. Raju had the opportunity to revel in one such occasion (block party) and found the experience "quite enthralling" (in his own words)


What are the possible pitfalls that an organization may face while implementing this model. Following are some of them but they are more due to wrong implementation rather than the model's weaknesses.
1. Missing the 8.30 classes - mostly happens after a reckless or fun implementation.
2. Physical injury - might happen during the early implementation phases
3. Incoherent babbles - actually fun - weak individuals tend to get affected more. In fact, Mr. Nathan in the core group is known for getting affected every time the model is implemented but, "It is just an extension of me and I’m used to it" , he says.


If there is one thing that is often thrown against the model it is the cost involved. The cost of implementation is quite variable and can range anywhere from 100 Rs to 5000 Rs. This cost variability is due to the customizability of the implementation process. The model provides intangible benefits difficult to capture. However research has revealed that productivity increases by at least 20% and creative thinking and innovations dramatically rise. Further other rewards like self satisfaction, sense of over achievement and ability to counter danger head-on are difficult to measure but very important. Being an investment banker himself, Mr Vengat feels that the models ROI is quite high but difficult to put a number on.


The report was given just to provide a superficial insight into the Khare model. For knowing about this further contact any member of the core group whose addresses are given below.

Mr. Raju
Mr. Vengat
Mr Nathan


Arjun.C.N said...

Dear Mr.Raju,

The IBSLA(Indian Beverages & Spirits Licensee Association) has accepted your claims for patenting the KHARE MODEL and accredits it to be strictly followed in all Indian B Schools. However the Prophecy of Platforms in the KHARE MODEL is under scrutiny in our labs. We kindly request you to hold on till our scientists test the platforms in our facility to ensure the 'viability' as claimed by you.

The IBSLA also severely warns Mr.Raju for using a beverage (can also be termed as Refresher) titled BREEZER in the process of forming a Base. The previous test data in our lab shows that the Breezer is adviced to be taken alone - in hot climates (Optimum Enviroment - Goa n Pondy Beaches) - and strictly advices the Junior Research personnel in IIM-B to avoid it. With regard to the climactic conditions that prevail in Bangalore, the IBSLA strongly advices you and your fellow researches to use Vodka,Rum and Scotch for Base. Violation of this will put you under severe scrutiny and the penalty will be charged against you.

The IBSLA will be shifting its base very soon from Waterford.Look for updates on its website. We suggest you to strictly adhere to the regulations and appreciate the innovation of KHARE model for the better of all High SPIRITED citizens.

Thank you,
President n Co-Founder,
Indian Beverages & Spirits Licensee Association,
Tvm Signal - TASMAC,

Anonymous said...

Hi friends the Khare model i feel requires a few more variables also to be included only then the model will become holistic.
Hi Raju ( i think one of the founders of this model ) yar model is fantastic in certain areas while on close scrutiny i feel the model will miserably fail. Ofcourse all the variables cannot be inducted as it will turn the model chaotic, dizzy, fuzzy and halt. But still there r some important variables that should necessairly be considered for which u can contact me (S.Gopalakrishnan) at

andy said...

Actually, i beg to differ on the subject mater of breezers being unsuitable as a base for the more spirited media. Of the various arguments i can pose in favour of these much maligned breezers is.. well, hmm.. i cant remember them.. but then, theyre (smack..) tasty arent they..
No opposition to the superior suitability of their to the above mentioned seaside climes though.. thats absolutely bang on..
i find that the core group doesnt take into account the other factors that enhance the experoence suggested by this model.. the music, the size and composition of the team involved etc.. wish to add more?

Anonymous said...

Gaurav Khare: When asked why he still keeps his mobile phone, Gaurav Khare always declares vehemently, "When I bought it, it was the cutting-edge model!" It turns out, however, that this 27 year old is referring to the year 1994, and nobody can convince him that mobile phone technology has moved on since then.

With five years of work experience in that pinnacle of all marketing companies, Hindustan Lever Limited, he naturally is looking for a career in consulting after IIMB. Of course, the fact that he is doing his summer internship in finance at Deutsche Bank, London doesn't harm his prospects. It is a perfect job for him since he is pretty adroit at handling finances. His investments in the stock market have provided him with extraordinary returns. There is a slight matter of signs, but that does not really matter now, does it?

Known for slugging a couple of shots of rum between classes to keep himself invigorated, he accidentally drove his car into the back of a truck one day. Faced with a two lakh rupee repair bill, he did what comes naturally to us all: he posed in front of a camera and flashed a wide grin at it. (Contact petrified co-passenger, Gandhi, for the pic.)

He is a firm believer that work is inversely proportional to grades - in fact, he consistently manages not to work at all. That's why he has topped class in so many courses. He was last seen falling asleep as soon as he touched the OM textbook - he only managed second in class because of that indiscretion. In fact, he is the only DML around who isn't aware he is one!

Having said that, there have been quite a few occasions before major exams when his neighbours woke up to find him already wide awake and raring to crack the paper. The obvious conclustion is that Khare has spent another night-out. What is not obvious, however, is that those night-outs are spent very productively watching a whole season of episodes or trying to finish a particularly challenging puzzle. In fact, he missed the start of his ManAcc exam because he was determined to finish one particular level before the exam!

Khare has on his wall that priceless quote by a certain OB professor in an email to class: "Khare's answer has been outstanding - if I had the option , wud have given him more than 5!" (The class average, incidentally, was 0.3 on 5 in that quiz.) Of course, it is on his wall because his neighbour, Gandhi, put it there and Khare is too lazy to walk up to it and remove it, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I studied with Khare at NPS. I sat next to him in 9th grade in Chem class. While the teacher was ranting about proton, electrons et al, we were quickly finishing up students lunch boxes. Caught in the act and also posed with "what is valency" question, i had no option but to hang my head in shame. Khare, who was all the time next to me and also assisting me and my neighbour in my acts, when posed with the same question, had not only an answer to that question but also to subsequent follow ups. The teacher(Jaya poddar/sinha) was not surprised, but i was. if there was any skeptic left, he was not anymore that day. His achievements now is for all to see. He is a whiz, which is neurons shorted.

But i have met anyone so talented yet so humble(or probably bored/lazy to brag). Good going Khare, nice to hear you are doing well.