Monday, October 10, 2005

Sensational kimi scorches to victory at suzuka!

Every now and then kimi conjures up that iceman magic that must be proof enough for his supporters to claim he is the best in the business. Kimi showed what racing was when he overtook a clueless fisi to clinch the victory at japan. Kimi at his best! From 17th to 1st! Thats the magic combination of Mclaren and kimi at work. An instance where ron didnt need to stand red faced as the machine failed its driver. Kimi blizted his way past the procession with a combination of strategy and overtaking and struck the hapless fisi who was leading the race in the last lap. Surely its time he had a grip on a championship. Maybe next year. Meanwhile montoya threw away a great chance to put a lead in the constructors by getting himself involved in a little incident, although it wasnt exactly his fault.

Alonso must be dissapointed with his third and would have atleast liked to come second overtaking his team mate. However it was good day for the renaults as both their drivers finished in the podium and took the team into a slender two point lead. Both Mclaren and Renault are deserving of the constructors this year and it would be the ideal result if both end up with the same points.

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