Friday, May 13, 2005

The 2005 drivers champion is...

It is too early in the game but i am going to take a huge chance by making my predictions for this year's drivers championship title. Had i wrote this before the last race , the one at catalunya , i would have pitched for Alonso headlong. The fact that one race has made me hesitant itself demostrates how fickle this sport is. And that means how wrong i could be even after a month of writing this. Maybe. But i take a risk for in risks lie glory of saying "i told you so".

Well , here is my take. I will let my subjective interests guide me when i say that Fernando Alonso will walk away with the title. I have got to accept that i say with trepedition and my fingers hesitate above the keys while typing this. The team that has dented my confidence on the spaniard are the Mclaren. The finn and his mean machine gave a staggering performance in the last race, if staggering is strong enough an adjective. There was a lot more that a few inches between the first and the second steps of the podium. If this was taking it easy - as kimi pointed in the post race conference - then god save the others. The way kimi flew away to victory was so surreal.

Now what does Fernando Alonso do to grab the trophy. Fortunately , his job has got simpler after his hattrick of victories and a couple of podium finishes. Try to go for the podiums. If he can finish most of the remaining races and that too in the podium then i guess the championship is his'. But thats not as easy as it sounds. Mclaren demostrated the gap they have created in the last race to the point of being unreachable. Currently Renault look to be the best of the rest. However the others are catching up quick and not the least being the ferrari. Although I am sick of predicting their revival ,they will come back strongly. However it would be a herculian task for schumi to go for the championship title , even by his standards. If he gets into the grove he can start making life very uncomfortable for the likes of Kimi and Alonso.

All said and done the the question is who is going to be the 2005 champion. My heart says Alonso , my mind is ..well , not very sure. This brings us to an interesting observation. If in fact , hypothetically speaking , say Alonso becomes the champion , then who would come second. Now kimi seems the obvious choice at the moment but you never know. The toyota have been performing well and even the williams look - well , ok. But somehow i think it will be kimi. Now , we were talking of a resurgence from schumi ; and for him second place is a very gettable target right now. So the slot 's open for him too. I would say the four potential contenders for the second spot are , kimi , trully , schumi and button (yes! him too). Well its worthless to go into spots below that. because its too early for that.

Nightmare scenarios.

Here are some things that could happen and i have a feeling that they will and make me look like a complete arse.

1. Alonso's renault not able to match the incresing speed of the other teams and he goes back to his crashing , DNF best.

2. Kimi's Mclaren begins to relive its old story of some failure or the other frustrating the balls out of the viewers and kimi.

3. Schumi wins all the remaining races of the season.

4. 1 , 2 and 3 combined. - Holy f***ing shit!

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