Wednesday, December 15, 2004

War of the worlds

A big war is being waged , right now. Its being waged on the internet and is moving over right on to your desktop. Its basically good news for us , the mortals. After a pretty sedentary period of halcyon calm the IT industry is again gearing up to enter a brutal age of corporate warfare.

Golden rule : All is fair in love and war.

Here are the names involved.

Microsoft : The imposing IT giant who has perfected the art of war all these years would go to any lengths to win even a little battle (remember netscape or DR DOS?). Microsoft is perhaps one of the most ruthless companies when it comes to promotiong itself and crushing its enemies. The methods it employs are quite varied and quite often treads or even crosses that thin line seperating corporate morality.

Yahoo : Over the years Yahoo has become a giant growing from an isp and a simple search facility provider to incorporate everything that one can now find in the web today. Like microsoft Yahoo is a name that even a newborn has come to recognise. Yahoo's mail was a thorn in the flesh of microsoft's hotmail but the two companies had kept growing in fairly parallel paths with their own band of customers and growing in tandem until one day...... day this inconspicuous looking website that possesed nothing more than a simple text box and a search button popped up in the maze of WWW and proclaimed it was the search engine of the future. It wasnt exaggerating. The brilliantly named 'Google' soon became the name for the future so much so that people instead of saying 'search for it' began to say 'Google it'. Then came all the other faces of google. There were directories and news.But the big one came in the name of Gmail that revolutionised the concept of mail box storage to an online storage pit. That was when the alrams started ringing for the yahoos , rediffs and hotmails. Following gmail's huge 1 gb mail space everyone started following suit offering 100 mb and 1 gb. But its never the same as launching first is it?....

That was when the war started.The others were joining hands against Google to curtrail its phenomenal growth. Now google has come out with a desktop search tool. It had hardly been launched when microsoft has come out with its own tool for desktop search.The war is heating up. Yahoo has claimed that its going to launch a state-of-the-art searching facility that is going to be super intelligent.You can be rest assured that Google wont be idle. There are talks doing rounds that google is going to come out with a browser and you know what that means. Google has just pulled the first shot in what is going to be wild west action. It is going to be ugly and gross but it surely is the golden age for us the users. Microsoft broke some big names in its step to success earlier maybe its now the turn of Google.......

....Anytime my vote will go for google.......those guyz rule..hope the micros bite dust.....

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