Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Mathew Reilley is the undisputed king of action. The journey begins on page 1 and Mathew launches into a ruthless fast-paced action drama that literally leaves you gasping for breath. The stunt scenes are depicted so minutely that you will literally be seeing a movie unwind in front of your eyes. The scenes linger long after you have closed the book and that is the Reilley power.

I discovered another one of his dynamites in 'scarecrow'. With the awesome spectacle of 'icestation' - my only other reilley tryst - fresh in my mind i wanted no less than it in scarecrow. No dissapointments! Half-way through the drama the scarecrow has already thrown up some awesome stunt scenes , adrenaline pumping action and lethal gadgetry. The mordernity of the warfare is unmistakable. From strange killer weapons to technological prototypes Reilley pulls us through a supersonic maze of a hi frequency duel.

The jist is this : The scrarecrow is back. This famous warrior of the US marines who pulled off the impossible in the world of white in 'icestation' is no longer the hunter. He is the hunted. He is a part of a hit-list of a bunch of names that should no longer exist after 12:00 noon! And he is the most important of them all. With ruthless bounty hunters in his trail he is running for life. But scarecrow is not one to run. He fights back!

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